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== Techinique ==
== Technique ==
*Edema sequences: STIR, T2 FS
*Edema sequences: STIR, T2 FS
*Enhancement sequence: T1 FS
*Enhancement sequence: T1 FS

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Author: Rodrigo Horstmann Castilhos [notes 1]


  • Edema sequences: STIR, T2 FS
  • Enhancement sequence: T1 FS


  • Intersphincteric
  • Transsphincteric
  • Suprasphincteric
  • Extrasphincteric


  • Simple
  • Complex


  • Internal opening: location (clock), high vs low.
  • External opening: location (clock), location (perineum, natal cleft), distance to anal margin
  • Involvement of other structures


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