Pelvic bones

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The skeleton of the pelvis:
2–4. Hip bone (os coxae)
1. Sacrum (os sacrum), 2. Ilium (os ilium), 3. Ischium (os ischii)
4. Pubic bone (os pubis) (4a. corpus, 4b. ramus superior, 4c. ramus inferior, 4d. tuberculum pubicum)
5. Pubic symphysis, 6. Acetabulum (of the hip joint), 7. Foramen obturatum, 8. Coccyx/tailbone (os coccygis)
Dotted. Linea terminalis of the pelvic brim

The pelvic bones strictly consist of the sacrum, the coccyx and the hip bones (imaged). In radiology, exams of the hip bones generally also include the the proximal femurs (and the inferior vertebral column) because these also fall within the projections.


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