Projectional radiography

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]


By location


Geometric magnification

Source-object distance (SOD) and source-detector distance (SDD) and geometric unsharpness.[1]
This image also shows geometric unsharpness, which is a decrease in the spatial resolution of an image because the X-rays from the generator comes from an area rather than a single dot, and is decreased by having the object closer to the detector.

Because of geometric magnification, distances measured on a projection become larger than the actual size of the imaged object:

  • SizeObject = SizeProjection * Source-object distance (SOD) / Source-detector distance (SDD).[2]

Alternative names for source-detector distance(SDD) are source[3]/focus to detector/image-receptor[3]/film distance (SID[3], FID or FRD). On lumbar and chest radiographs, it is anticipated that the magnification factor is between 1.05 and 1.40.[4] Because of the uncertainty of the true size of objects seen on projectional radiography, their sizes are often compared to other structures within the body, such as dimensions of the vertebrae, or empirically by clinical experience.[5]



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