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==Relation to Wikipedia==
All content in Radlines can be copied to Wikipedia as long as appropriate attribution is made. For article text, such attribution can practically be made as a mention in the [ Edit summary], mentioning the Radlines article author(s) and the URL of the Radlines article.  The other way around, Wikipedia images (as well as images from [ Wikimedia Commons]) that have a compatible license can be used in Radlines. However, because the text in Wikipedia articles is licensed under [ a Attribution + ShareAlike license], Wikipedia text cannot be directly copied to Radlines. Similarly, Wikipedia images released under a ShareAlike license can only be used with written permission from the author to have it published under CC BY or CC0. A response by private email is generally sufficient for this purpose. It is even more beneficial if the author agrees to change the license of the work at Wikipedia, such as changing the licensing template to {{tl|Cc-by-4.0}} on image description pages. If a more rigorous procedure is warranted, the author may store a permission note in the release generator of Wikimedia:
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