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Mikael Häggström in 2017.

I am a medical doctor having done 3 years of residency in radiology at the NU Hospital Group [1] (public health care) in Sweden.

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I have contributed extensively to Wikipedia. I am also the creator and current editor-in-chief of WikiJournal of Medicine ( I created Radlines because of the previous lack of a non-profit, collaborative and yet comprehensive radiology source. For instance, I have no interest in contributing to Radiopaedia, the currently most comprehensive radiology source, mainly because I think its licensing is too restrictive, and I don't want my material to be displayed next to some large vain ads just to generate profit to the company owning the site. (For more information about Radiopaedia issues, see Radlines:Differences from Radiopaedia).

Wikipedia presentation

See my Wikipedia page for further information: