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Most needed content


Inviting people who may be interested in becoming editors or members of the Board of trustees. Example are Recent contributors of Radiopaedia articles.

Example invitation email

Dear ______,

(If invited because of other online publications) I noticed your contributions at _____

I am wondering if you may be interested in contributing to Radlines (https://radlines.org), which is an international open access radiology source. It can be described as non-profit and ad-free alternative to the Radiopaedia business.

(If it may be integrated into Radlines) Are you willing to have material from your article published in Radlines as well?
(If you are willing) I can then help in integrating it so that it fits the layout of Radlines.

Also, we are putting together a board in order to officially establish this project as a non-profit organization. Are you interested in joining?

Please reply to my email address at _______________________

More information about Radlines: https://radlines.org/Radlines:About

Best regards,


Importing content

The project has permission to integrate the following content to Radlines:

However, make sure to integrate content to abide by Radlines:Editorial guidelines.

Current focus

The main focus is currently to achieve a complete collection of the essential material that a newly certified radiologist is expected to know after the training years. Radlines currently needs to establish articles for the most common medical imaging modalities and locations, as well as the most important diseases and conditions. Cases should preferably be typical of the disease or condition at hand. The most important initial sections thereof are generally "Evaluation" or "Basic screening", as well as "Choice of modality" (when to consider other modalities, where applicable).

Addition of relatively rare conditions or cases with atypical presentations are acceptable already, but before doing so you must first establish at least one chain of inter-article structure linking back to the main page.

Technical issues

The following issues need attention:

  • Support for vector (.svg) graphics
  • Fixing the third option when choosing "Use a different license" for own works, which should read "Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0" instead of "I have reviewed the disclaimer for this wiki and to my best knowledge this work is not under data protection levels exceeding those of this wiki."
  • VisualEditor (the extension that is used when clicking the "Edit" button)
  • Insert > Media is not tailored to the project, including a search bar that also suggests images with ShareAlike, which is not compatible with Radlines (see Radlines:Copyright), and an upload page that links to an obsolete upload form.
  • In Preferences > Upload includes several ShareAlike alternatives, which are not permitted. The host provider has not been able to edit the $wgUploadWizardConfig variable in LocalSettings.php, and there's an error message when trying to edit the source file at extensions/UploadWizard/UploadWizard.config.php