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*Systems: [[Digestive system|Digestive]], [[Urinary system|Urinary]] ([[CT of the urinary system|CT]], [[Ultrasonography of the urinary system|US]]), [[Reproductive system|Reproductive]] ([[Male reproductive system|Male]], [[Female reproductive system|Female]])
** [[Abdominal wall]]([[Ultrasonography of the abdominal wall|US]]): [[Abdominal wall hernia|Hernia]]([[Inguinal hernia|Inguinall]])** [[Aorta]]([[CT of the aorta|CT]]): [[Aortic dissection|Dissection]]
** [[Adrenal glands]]: [[CT of adrenal incidentalomas|Incidentaloma]]
** [[Liver]] ([[CT of the liver|CT]], [[MRI of the liver|MRI]], [[Ultrasonography of the liver|US]]): [[Cirrhosis]], [[Steatosis]], [[Liver tumor|Tumor]]
** [[Kidney]]: [[Hydronephrosis]], [[Kidney stone disease|Stone]], [[Nephrostomy]]
** [[Ovary]]:
** [[Pancreas]]: [[Adenocarcinoma]], [[Pancreatic cystic lesion|Cystic lesion]], [[Pancreatitis]],
** [[Prostate]] ([[MRI of the prostate|MRI]], [[Ultrasonography of the prostate|US]]): [[Prostate cancer|Cancer]], [[Prostatitis]]
** [[Scrotum]] ([[Scrotal ultrasonography|US]])
** [[Stomach and intestines]]: [[Appendicitis]], [[Abdominal X-ray in constipation in children|Constipation]], [[MRI of perianal fistula|Perianal fistula]], [[MRI of rectal cancer|Rectal cancer]]
** [[Urethra]]: [[Urethral diverticulum|Diverticulum]]
** [[Urinary bladder]]: ** [[Uterus]]: [[Adenomyosis]], [[Endometriosis]], [[Endometrial carcinoma]], [[Intrauterine devices|IUDs]], [[Leiomyoma]]*Types**[[Abdominal emergency|Emergency]]**[[Abdominal neoplasia|Neoplasia]]**[[Abdominal trauma|Trauma]] ([[CT of the abdomen and pelvis in trauma|CT]])
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