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Authors: Mikael Häggström; Rodrigo Horstmann Castilhos [notes 1]


Choice of modality

  • Ultrasonography of steatosis is a good method for screening. Quantification can be done, but it is not as accurate as MRI.
  • MRI of liver steatosis is the most accurate method to quantify liver steatosis.
  • CT of the liver should not be used to detect or stage liver steatosis. Steatosis on CT scan is displayed as a liver with attenuation lower than usual. CT has high sensitivity for moderate and severe steatosis, but lower for mild steatosis.

How soon

Within 2 months in Swedish practice[notes 2]


  1. For a full list of contributors, see article history. Creators of images are attributed at the image description pages, seen by clicking on the images. See Radlines:Authorship for details.
  2. NU Hospital Group, Sweden