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Task: Copying children’s X-ray pictures

The task here is to copy X-ray images of children of various ages from ( to the corresponding articles in

I've already completed the images for the thumb,

1. I will provide you with login details to an account you can use to edit pages
2. Continue with the table of the hand:

2.1. Go to and download images to your computer. The next one is "10M Hand" (10 year old male, hand). You may start with one image, and then go through the rest of the process with that one. When you feel familiar with the steps, you may download a dozen of images at the same time.
2.2. Look at the outline of the table in Radlines, and follow the same naming convention (the next image will be named "File:X-ray of the hand of a 10 year old male - dorsoplantar.jpg"):
2.3. Go to:
2.4. Click "Select media files to share"
2.5. Select the images on your computer
2.6. Click "Continue"
2.7. Click "Next"