X-ray of Hansson pins

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]

Hansson pins are also called LIH pins after its developer Lars Ingvar Hansson, and are widely used in Sweden and the UK.[1]


Frontal and lateral projections.

Post-operative evaluation

Support points

Pin positions

Pin position evaluation is generally not mandatory for radiologists unless specifically requested by the orthopedic surgeon.

The pins should be at least 2 cm apart on frontal projection, and have <10° angle compared to each other.[2] The inferior pin should be inserted at the level of the minor trochanter (insertion below it increases the risk of subsequent subtrochanteric fracture).[2]

For proper support, both pins should have support by the subchondral plate and the lateral cortex. In addition, the middle of the inferior pin should be supported by the medial cortex, and the middle of the posterior pin should have support from the medial cortex, with less than <5 mm distance from subchondral bone.[2]

Fracture alignment

"No misalignment" means:[2]

  • Dislocation of less than 2 mm
  • 0-15° valgus angle on frontal projection
  • Dorsal tilt of <10° on lateral projection

Leg length discrepancy


Inserted Hansson pins (and if evaluated, they) have proper positions.
No fracture misalignment or significant leg length discrepancy.

General notes on fracture reporting


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