X-ray of spondylosis of the cervical spine

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]


For suspected osteoarthritis of the cervical spine, recommended projections are:

  • Posteroanterior
  • Lateral
  • 45° left and right oblique


Grade III spondylosis with moderate disk space narrowing.

On projectional radiography ("X-ray") of the cervical spine, the following radiographic system is recommended in terms of interobserver reliability:[1]

Kellgren grading of cervical disc degeneration[2]
  • Minimal anterior osteophytosis
  • Definite anterior osteophytosis
  • Possible disc space narrowing
  • Some endplate sclerosis
  • Moderate disc space narrowing
  • Definite endplate sclerosis
  • Osteophytosis
  • Severe disc space narrowing
  • Endplate sclerosis
  • Multiple large osteophytes.


It is acceptable to simplify the severity of spondylosisto mild (Kellgren grades I to II), moderate (Kellgren grade III) and severe (Kellgren grade IV).

See also: General notes on reporting


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