X-ray of thumb fractures

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Author: Mikael Häggström [notes 1]
Projectional radiography ("X-ray") of fracture of the thumb:


Even if there's an initial obvious fracture, evaluate:

  • Bone contours for disruptions
  • Bone areas for unusual lines that are either hypoattenuating (in case of separation) or hyperattenuating (in case of compression)

In children

Main article: X-ray of fractures in children

In patients with remaining growth plates, look for fracture involvement thereof (if present, see X-ray of fractures in children).



Intra-articular fractures
Extra-articular fractures
  • Epibasal thumb fracture, or pseudo-Bennett fracture: Fracture of the proximal part of the first metacarpal, where it is important to exclude intra-articular involvement.[3]


Types of fracture misalignment:[4]
  • Displacement
  • Angulation
  • Distraction (making bone longer)
  • Impaction or shortening
  • Rotation


General notes on fracture reporting


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