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Mikael Häggström
Board member from: April 10, 2018

Dr Mikael Häggström is from Uddevalla, Sweden, and graduated from Uppsala University, Faculty of Medicine in 2013. He is currently a resident physician at the radiology department at the NU Hospital Group.

Neil Lall
Board member from: September 6, 2018


The board of trustees discusses and makes decisions regarding the overall operation of member wikis.

Editorial board members are also encouraged to invite potential additional participants to both member wikis and the board.

Optionally, board members may participate as editors in member wikis (for information on how to contribute to Radlines, see Radlines:Contribute).

All positions in the journal are voluntary, that is, for no financial gain.

Members of the Board of trustees should have a set of talents, experience, and competencies that will best fulfill the needs of Prowikis and its member wikis. The full names and affiliations of the board members should be displayed online.

Confidentiality policies

Discussions within the Board of trustees may contain confidential information. You should generally ask for permission from the sender before posting non-public board emails to a public location such as in this wiki.


If you agree with the policies, please send an email to board member Mikael Häggström: This should include a short summary of:

  • Any education and/or experience in the subjects of member wikis (currently only radiology, for Radlines
  • Any publishing and/or editorial experience
  • A statement of acceptance of the confidentiality policies

All fields are optional, and you do not need to have experience in every area, however some relevant experience is very useful.

Onboarding process

  1. The identity of the applicant should be confirmed, if not already properly evidenced. It may be done by contacting the person through an email or number from a public website.
  2. Board members may ask for clarifications or complementary information.
  3. The Board of trustees will form a consensus of whether to let the applicant join the board.

For applicants accepted to the board, the following tasks should be performed:

  1. Contact the new editorial board member via email to inform them
  2. Direct-add the new editorial board member to any private email list (not yet created)
  3. Add them to the List of editoria board members

These tasks can be distributed to any board member.

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